Why Should I Vaccinate My Dog?

Vaccinations help protect your dog against a number of serious diseases. Some of these diseases are very infectious and can cause severe sickness and even death.

Vaccination stops your dog from catching the diseases and also stops them spreading diseases to other dogs. By being a responsible pet owner and vaccinating, you will make the dog population safer overall.

What Will My Dog Be Vaccinated Against?

There are 5 main diseases which all dogs should receive core vaccination against:

Parvovirus Typical

symptoms of parvovirus are bloody diarrhea, vomiting, fever, lethargy, anorexia, weight loss, weakness, dehydration and sometimes death.

Canine Distemper

Signs of canine distemper include sneezing, coughing and thick mucus coming from the eyes and nose. Fever, lethargy, sudden vomiting and diarrhea, depression and/or loss of appetite are also symptoms of this virus.

Leptospirosis Dogs

infected with leptospirosis show signs of lethargy, depression, loss of appetite, vomiting, fever, increased thirst and urination. Dogs may develop jaundice & death can occur.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

Infectious Canine Hepatitis is a worldwide, contagious disease of dogs. Signs vary from a slight fever and congestion of the mucous membranes to severe depression. Other symptoms include marked suppression of the immune system, and blood clotting disorders.

Parainfluenza Symptoms

of Parainfluenza include a hacking cough, coughing up phlegm, nasal discharge and fever. You Your pet may also suffer from sneezing or gagging, and pneumonia can develop in some cases.

When Do I Need to Vaccinate My Dog?

Your dog should be vaccinated as a puppy and then get regular boosters throughout their life. Our vet will advise on the right schedule for your dog.

Vaccinations for Puppies

When Do I Need to Vaccinate My Dog? Your dog should be vaccinated as a puppy and then get regular boosters throughout their life. Our vet will advise on the right schedule for your dog.

Vaccinations for Puppies

Puppies are very vulnerable to disease because of their immature immune systems. Your puppy can usually start their vaccinations at around 8 weeks of age. 2-4 weeks after their first set, they will need a second set of injections. For some high-risk puppies, an earlier injection against Parvovirus may be needed at 5 weeks old.

Some breeders and rehoming centres may have started your pup’s vaccinations before you adopt them. You’ll need to check what they have already had and book them in for their remaining jabs. If you’re unsure, bring your ‘puppy paperwork’ with you. Then we will be able to help you make sure your puppy is fully protected.

Things You Should Know About Puppies and Vaccinations

It’s important to keep your puppy away from unvaccinated dogs until they’ve had their full course of vaccinations and are fully protected. This is usually two weeks after their second injections.

Where you get your puppy from can have a huge impact on their health and happiness. If they have a vaccinated mum, new born puppies get some protection against diseases through their mother’s milk that can help keep them healthy before they are able to get vaccinated themselves.

Unfortunately, puppies that have been illegally imported or that were bred on puppy farms could be much more likely to suffer serious illnesses like parvovirus. This is because their mothers won’t have been vaccinated and therefore can’t pass on their immunity.

Always buy from a reputable breeder. You may be told the puppy has received vaccinations. However, you should ask to see the vaccination record stamped by a registered veterinary practice.

Booster Vaccinations for Dogs

After having their initial vaccinations as a puppy, your dog will need regular booster injections throughout their life. This is to help keep them protected as over time their immunity to the disease gets weaker. If you do not keep on top of your dog’s vaccinations, they will be more at risk of catching infectious diseases.

Boosters for Distemper, Parvovirus Canine Hepatitis & Parainfluenza are usually needed every three years. Boosters for Leptospirosis are needed every year. Always bring your dog’s vaccination record to be updated with its booster details.

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