Cat and Kitten Nutrition

For hydration, plain water is the most important drink for your kitten.  Contrary to popular belief, cats can only tolerate milk if it is heavily diluted with water.

For food, make sure you buy kitten food during the first 12 months.  When your cat is one-year old switch to cat food. We recommend the Calibra Premium Brand which is available at Carn Vet Clinic. Dry food keeps the teeth clean and the cat busier with chewing so is preferable. Cats do love wet food but can get overweight on it, so don‘t feed your cat exclusively wet food.

Sometimes cats refuse to eat their dry food to get you to feed them their preferred type of food. Don‘t fall for this! Cats are very smart and you have to be smarter! Cats aren‘t keen on human food leftovers, but if you feed them leftovers, avoid spicy or fatty foods.