Carn Vet Clinic is the most northerly vet practice in Ireland. We have served the needs of the farmers of Inishowen for generations. The practice is owned and managed by Fidelma Tonry, who has worked as a vet in Carndonagh since 1992. Our success lies in our caring, friendly, and compassionate approach.

We provide an all-around service for the cattle farmers of Inishowen. This includes callouts to sick animals for which we are available in emergencies 24/7, every day of the year!

Out of Hours Calls for Farmers

Our out-of hours calls often include calvings. We know that difficult calvings sometimes result in caesarean sections, because we do a large number of them every year.  So, you can trust in our experience to help when things get touch.

Clinic Appointments

Calves and cows with less severe problems can be brought to the clinic, where a modern cattle handling crush makes every part of the animal accessible for examination and treatment.

Calves can be hospitalized for intravenous drip therapy in cases of diarrhea.

Operations like navel surgeries for infections and hernias are also performed in the clinic.

Routine Herd Health Services

Apart from emergencies and sickness, we also provide all routine herd health services.

This includes the yearly Tuberculosis test, blood sampling of animals to check for further diseases, workup of herd health problems like pneumonia and other disease outbreaks which often includes laboratory samples.

Parasitology Laboratory for Dung Samples

We also offer an in-house parasitology laboratory where we can check dung samples of your animals for worms and fluke.

To help you keep your animals healthy, we can draw up health plans, both for your own use and plans needed for various farming schemes.

In collaboration with Animal Health Ireland, we‘re also involved in disease control programs, for example for Johne‘s and BVD. Castration and dehorning are also services we provide.