Dog and Puppy Nutrition

Buy a good quality dog food to keep your dog healthy. We can recommend the premium quality Calibra dog food which is available here in the Clinic. Food should ideally be dry food as the chewing keeps the teeth clean and also provides more enjoyment to your dog by chewing it bite by bite!

Some dogs know how much food is right for them. But depending on the age and breed of your dog, you might have to restrict his feeding. You can do this by giving him a daily allowance of food according to the recommendations on your food bag.

One or two feeds a day are a dog’s natural rhythm. People often like to feed their dog leftovers from their own food. Make sure it doesn’t contain any spices, salts or excessive amounts of fat and give him less of his dog food instead! Obesity is a big problem we often encounter on dogs. Just like in humans, it leads to mobility problems and can also reduce your dog’s lifespan. Less feeding and more exercise are the key to weight loss!