Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

We know that pets are important members of the family. It can be devasting when the time comes to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Some people avoid making that decision in the hope that their pet will slip away quietly in their sleep. However, many reach a point when they are in pain or discomfort & their quality of life is poor. Then a decision for euthanasia has to be made.

Giving your pet a pain-free, peaceful death can sometimes be the kindest act an owner can do for a much-loved pet.

We know how hard to can be to come to this decision.  This is where trusting and being guided by a veterinary professional can help. We are here to advise, support and guide you through the whole process. Together we can decide when and how you can let your loyal forever friend go. Just call us on (074) 937 4127 to make an appointment.