Common Cat Diseases

Cat flu

A lot of kittens and young cats, especially those living under difficult conditions, will catch cat flu. Your cat may have runny eyes and stuffy noses even though most cats’ behaviour doesn’t change. The vet will treat your cat with medication. This will help it get over the disease quickly and avoid any long-term damage.

Vomiting and diarrhoea

Cats can pick up tummy bugs just like humans. Eating hard to digest or rotten things can cause also sickness. If your cat is still taking water, you can try and withhold food for 24 hours. A simple tummy bug will pass during that time.

Worms can also cause digestive symptoms, so ensure sure your cat is dewormed regularly. If your cat is very unwell or not improving, make an appointment to see one of our vets.

Injuries and Abscesses

Cats are territorial animals and can sometimes get in fights with neighboring cats. When exploring new areas, scratches and little wounds can also happen. Cats are very good at cleaning their wounds and often they will heal with you barely noticing them. Sometimes though wounds can be more serious and need stitches, or pus-filled abscesses can occur. Contact us if you notice a wound on your cat that you are worried about.

Sometimes cats also experience lameness. We recommend waiting a day or two in case it is a simple sprain. If it doesn‘t get better or is your cat is distressed or sore, contact us immediately on (074) 937 4127.  Our digital x-ray machine will be able to quickly find out the cause of the problem and we can help your cat.

Teeth Problems

A healthy cat feeding on dry food (and perhaps the occasional mouse) will keep her teeth in good condition. Sometimes though, accidents can cause teeth to crack which will need attention. In older cats, teeth can develop a buildup of plaque which can lead to infection around the gums. This can be sorted with a scale and polish dental in our clinic. Sometimes, cats develop infected teeth just like humans do and need treatment to solve this problem.

Metabolic Diseases

If your cat isn’t thriving it could have a metabolic disease. We can discover the cause of the problem by testing your cat. Some cat health issues are very similar to the human versions. Cats can have thyroid problems or diabetes and other less well-known health issues. Treatments are available and, in most cases, will need to be continued all through your pet’s life.