Dog Microchips, Dog Passports and Travelling with Your Dog

Every dog is by law required to be microchipped and we’re happy to provide this service for you. The microchip is inserted with a needle and no anesthesia is needed for this. The microchip codes are a unique number, which will be linked with your details on an independent database. Whenever a found dog is brought to us, we can access the database and quickly reunite dog and owner!

A microchip is also necessary if you need a European Pet Passport. If you plan any travel with your dog, including to the UK, you will need this passport which we can provide. Your dog’s details will be entered into the passport and you can even include a photo of your pet! This passport is also available for cats.

Depending on the destination of your journey, various other requirements might need fulfilled before you can travel with your pet. A rabies vaccination is always needed. Blood tests might be needed for travel outside the EU – and don’t forget that now includes Britain. Before you return home, a worm and tick treatment is usually required. These rules change frequently so be sure to check before you travel!