Top 5 Health Problems For Dogs

You should ALWAYS consult your vet and book your dog for an appointment if you have any concerns about their health. But it’s worth getting familiar with the most common health problems they face. These are the main ones:

Itchy Skin and Ears

One of the most common problems we encounter at Carn Vet Clinic are dogs that are itchy and scratching themselves. Sometimes they may even be damaging their skin.

There are a number of causes, such as external parasites like fleas. We recommend a treatment for fleas like a a spot-on or tablet. If this doesn‘t help, we could be dealing with a dog with hypersensitive skin.

Some breeds are more prone than others. Breeds with long hanging ears often develop similar problems in their ears as there’s no air getting at them. We try to find the cause of the irritation. Sometimes it can be tracked back to a new blanket for the dog, new furniture or a change in cleaning products. Very often dogs are also allergic to certain types of dog food. So, we offer hypoallergenic and sensitive dog food and often recommend a food trial. If these measures don’t work, medication may help stop the itch, getting your dog back to its happy self again!

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Dogs love to investigate and might pick up things that are just not meant to end up in the stomach! The result is often a tummy upset that shows as vomiting and diarrhea. If the dog is in good form, withholding food, but not water, the problem may be gone in 24 hours.

If your dog is very sick though or the symptoms persist, he should be seen by a vet. Depending on the cause, medication might be prescribed. Sometimes we have to do further investigations. Occasionally, we even have to surgically remove foreign bodies like stones from dog‘s bellies!

Wounds and Accidents

It often causes great stress to the owner if the dog shows a big injury or gets into an accident. Fortunately, veterinary medicine is very advanced these days and a lot of scary looking injuries can be sorted!

It is very important that you keep wounds clean, keep the dog comfortable. Don‘t feed him in case he‘ll need sedation for x-rays and stitching. Make sure to bring your dog on the same day that they get the injury. An uninfected, fresh wound can be sorted much easier than leaving it too long!

Teeth Problems

Dog‘s teeth are very strong and made to chew tough things! But just like our own teeth, they can get infected, break or simply get very dirty which can result in bad breath. We offer routine dental care which is very recommended, especially when dogs get older.

Under anesthesia, the teeth will be cleaned with specialized dental equipment and assessed in case any other work is needed. S,o your dog can happily chew toys, bones and your shoes for a long time to come!

Old Age

Large dog breeds are considered elderly from as early as six years. Smaller dog breeds tend to live longer and might show no signs of ageing well into their teens. Keeping your dog in the right body condition, well exercised, regularly wormed and vaccinated, will ensure he stays fit and healthy for a long time!

To spot any age-related health problems, we can offer a blood test done at the yearly checkup. This will check liver, kidneys and the metabolic system. We often encounter heart problems in elderly dogs. These dogs are prescribed the appropriate medication. Arthritis is another complaint and we offer supplements and medication to alleviate the symptoms. We hope you have many happy years together with your dog!