Specialty Dog and Cat food

“You are what you eat” applies to your pet just as much as it does to you! So, it is important to feed your cat or dog a good quality diet.

Our staff can advise you on which food & how much & how often to feed is best for your dog or cat. Here are some top tips:

  • A good quality dry food is better for your pet and will work out cheaper per day than tins or pouches.
  • There are various options depending on age, size,breed or indeed medical condition.
  • Nutritional requirements will vary depending on breed and life stage of your pet.
  • We have specific diets for various medical conditions such as arthritis, sensitive digestion, skin allergies, kidney problems
  • We can advise on weight loss & maintenance programmes.
  • We stock a number of different brands & sizes so there will always be one to suit you and your pet.
  • Just ask our expert staff to advise.