Dr. Alinta Kraft


Alinta came to Carndonagh in 2019 to help out for the busy spring season. But she enjoyed her time so much that she decided to stay permanently! Alinta has a big interest in ruminant medicine, especially sheep, and enjoys surgeries. She’s also interested in promoting preventive herd health measures.

Her broad experience covers working on farms and in sheep vet practices in various European countries. She adds to this experience with her active membership of the sheep vet society. In our clinic, she has been innovative in this area. She set up a fecal testing lab so she can check dung samples from cattle and sheep for internal parasites. Then she consults with our clients to optimize their dosing regimen. Alinta also has a keen interest in artificial reproduction techniques and likes to constantly improve our services.

She spends her free time looking after her own pedigree sheep. She enjoys outdoor activities on land and water, and knitting – with pure sheep wool, of course!