To help us help your pet, we use a wide range of modern technology which we constantly service and upgrade.

  • Our digital X-Ray machine helps us quickly visualize bones and other internal organs for issues such as fractures, breathing difficulties or foreign bodies.
  • Our in-house laboratory provides analysis of blood hematology and biochemistry within minutes, allowing us to get a diagnosis quickly.
  • Blood tests are required if an animal is very sick, but are also used for general health monitoring especially in older animals.
  • If undergoing surgery, we recommend elderly animals have a pre-anesthetic blood check-up so that we are prepared for all eventualities.
  • Our Operating theatre is fully equipped with gas anesthesia, oxygen concentrator & critical care monitoring equipment which helps provide safe surgery for your pet.
  • With our microscope, it is possible to check samples from hair, skin, ears etc for parasites, infections and more.
  • If hospitalization is required, we have separate modern wards for cats and dogs to minimise stress and excitement.
  • We also provide Laser Therapy. This is where a beam of light energy is used to improve tissue repair, decrease pain and reduce inflammation. This is used post surgery or as a course of appointments for injuries, arthritis, difficult wounds and much more.